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Montgomery or Montgomerie is a surname from a place name in Normandy.[1] Although there are many stories of its origin,[2][3][4][5] an old theory explains that the name is a corruption of "Gomer's Mount" or "Gomer's Hill" (Latin: Mons Gomeris), any of a number of hills in Europe named in attribution to the biblical patriarch Gomer,[2] but it does not explain the final -y or -ie (the phonetical evolution would have been *Montgomers) and it does not correspond to the old mentions of the place name Montgommery in Normandie : Monte Gomeri in 1032 - 1035, de Monte Gomerico in 1040 and de Monte Gumbri in 1046 - 1048.[6] More relevant is the explanation by the Germanic first name Gumarik,[7] a compound of guma "man" (see bridegroom) and rik "powerful", that regularly gives the final -ry (-ri) in the French first names and surnames (Thierry, Amaury, Henry, etc.). Moreover, the name is still used as a surname in France as Gommery,[8] from the older first name Gomeri.[9]

The earliest known person to be styled with the name is Roger de Montgomerie, found in a contemporary document as father of the 11th century Norman nobleman, Roger de Montgomerie, 1st Earl of Shrewsbury who owned the village of Montgommery, today in the Calvados département. Alternatively, a Hugh de Montgomery is given as the earl's father by a Norman chronicler writing in the next generation and some have hypothesized an error whereby Hugh is actually father of the elder Roger.

The original family were prominent in early Anglo-Norman England and gave their name to Montgomeryshire, in neighbouring Wales. In some cases, the surname of modern Montgomerys is probably derived from this Welsh place name[10] (the Scottish Montgomerys for example).[11] Seventeen counties in the United States of America as well as districts, neighbourhoods and streets around the world, have been named for people named Montgomery.

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