Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service

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Montgomery County Department of Fire and Rescue Services
Flag of Montgomery County, Maryland.svg
"Gardez Bien" (Watch Well)
Agency overview
Staffing 1,200+ Career
Fire chief Scott Goldstein
EMS level ALS
Facilities and equipment
Battalions 5
Stations 38 (figure includes volunteer corporation-owned firehouses, county-owned fire stations, and fire stations located on federal facilities)
Engines 36
Trucks 17
Rescues 6

The Montgomery County Fire and Rescue Service (MCFRS), officially the Montgomery County Department of Fire and Rescue Services, is the public safety agency that provides fire protection and emergency medical services for Montgomery County, Maryland. The services are provided by a combination of paid county personnel and volunteer members of the various independent, non-profit volunteer fire and rescue corporations located throughout the county.


MCFRS personnel with FBI agents at the Pentagon a day after the September 11 attacks in 2001.


In 2001, the MCFRS went to Pentagon in Arlington County, Virginia aboard RideOn buses to assist in urban search and rescue (USAR) efforts immediately after the September 11 attacks. The MCFRS also went to Oklahoma City in 1995 to conduct USAR operations after the Oklahoma City bombing.[1]

In 2004, the County Council passed legislation to reorganize the Fire & Rescue Service by placing all personnel, career and volunteer, under the command of a single fire chief. However, actual services are delivered from the 19 local fire and rescue companies, who own and operate 25 of the fire stations in the county. The county uses an incident command system to coordinate the efforts of paid and volunteer personnel at the scenes of emergencies. Montgomery County works closely with and has mutual aid agreements with Washington DC, Fairfax, Frederick, Howard, and Prince George's Counties.


During an emergency that would require a response from multiple agencies, dispatchers are quickly able to identify what county a particular piece of apparatus came from. As well as a fast response time with other jurisdictions. A typical example would be: "Alarm" Engine 436 Engine 409 Engine 411(Fairfax) Engine 707 (Montgomery) Engine 202 (Alexadria) Rescue 417 Tanker 712 Medic 409 Battalion Chief 703 and 704 Channel 4-Delta For a working fire 1111 address court. Caller advises smoke and fire from windows 21:11.

Stations and Apparatus[edit]

The county is broken into five battalions, with a total of 36 fire stations and 2 rescue companies.

Station Company Battalion Engine Special Service EMS Other
1 Silver Spring VFD 1st PE701 M701, A701, A701B DCN701
2 Takoma Park VFD 1st E702 A702
3 Rockville VFD 3rd PE703, E703B AT703, RS703 M703, A703, A703B, ALS703 SU703
4 Sandy Spring VFD 4th PE704 M704 W704, ABT704
5 Kensington VFD 4th PE705 AT705 M705, A705, A705B, ALS705 B705, CT705
6 Bethesda VFD 2nd PE706 T706 A706
7 Chevy Chase FD 2nd PE707 HM707
8 Gaithersburg-Washington Grove VFD 3rd PE708 PAT708 M708, M708B, A708, A708C CT708, B708, ATV708
9 Hyattstown VFD 5th PRE709, RBE709 A709 B709, B709B, W709, ATV709
10 Cabin John Park VFD 2nd E710, E710B T710 A710 B710, SW710, SW710B
11 Glen Echo VFD 2nd PE711 A711, ALS711 ATV711
12 Hillandale VFD 1st PE712 M712, A712 BC701
13 Damascus VFD 5th PE713, E713B, BE713 M713, A713 B713, W713
14 Upper Montgomery County VFD 5th PE714, RE714, BE714 M714, A714 ATV714, B714, BT714, BT714B, W714
15 Burtonsville VFD 1st PE715, E715B T715, RS715 M715, A715 B715
16 Silver Spring VFD - Four Corners 1st PE716 T716 A716 AIR716
17 Laytonsville VFD 5th PE717, EW717, BE717 RS717 A717 B717, CT717, W717
18 Kensington VFD - Glenmont 4th PE718 AT718 EMS704
19 Silver Spring VFD - Montgomery Village 1st PE719 AT719 A719
20 Bethesda VFD - Midtown Bethesda 2nd E720 BC702
21 Kensington VFD - Parkland 4th PE721 A721
22 Kingsview (MCFRS) 5th PE722 A722 MAB722, MCSU722, W722, B722
23 Rockville VFD - Twinbrook 3rd PE723 AT723 M723, A723
24 Hillandale VFD - Colesville 1st PE724 AT724 A724 B724
25 Kensington VFD - Aspen Hill 4th PE725 T725 M725, A725 SU725, BT725, BC704
26 Bethesda VFD - North Bethesda 2nd PE726 A726 MAB726, MCSU726
27 Public Safety Training Academy (MCFRS) E727 CP727
28 Gaithersburg-Washington Grove VFD - Derwood 3rd PE728 A728 HM728
29 Germantown VFD 5th PE729, E729B RS729 M729, A729, A729B BS729, BT729
30 Cabin John Park VFD - Potomac 2nd PE730 M730 W730, B730, BS730, SW730, SW730B
31 Rockville VFD - Darnestown 3rd PE731 T731 M731 BT731, BS731, W731, TR700, RCN731
32 Travilah (MCFRS) 3rd PE732 A732 BC703, EMS703, SA700, DC700
33 Rockville VFD - Potomac 3rd PE733 A733 B733, CT733, AIR733
34 Milestone (MCFRS) 5th PE734 T734 A734 BC705
35 Clarksburg (MCFRS) 5th PE735 AT735 M735
40 Sandy Spring VFD - Olney 4th PE740 E740B T740 A740 B740, BS740, BT740, ATV740
Rescue Co. 1 Bethesda-Chevy Chase Rescue Squad 2nd RS741, RS741B A741B, A741C, A741E, A741F

M741, M741D, ALS741

Rescue Co. 2 Wheaton Volunteer Rescue Squad 4th RS742, RS742B A742, A742B, A742C, A742D, ALS742, ALS742B ATV742
50 Walter Reed National Military Medical Center FD (federal) E750, E750B M750
51 National Institutes of Health FD (federal) E751 AT751 A751 HM751
52 Naval Surface Warfare Center FD (federal) E752
53 National Institute of Standards and Technology FD (federal) E753 A753 HM753
54 Fort Detrick FD - Forest Glen Annex (federal) E754, E754B HM754


  • E - Engine
  • BE - Brush Engine
  • PE - Paramedic Engine
  • RE - Rescue Engine
  • PRE - Paramedic Rescue Engine
  • EW - Engine Tanker
  • T - Truck
  • AT - Aerial Tower
  • PAT - Paramedic Aerial Tower
  • RS - Rescue Squad
  • M - Medic Unit
  • A - Ambulance
  • ALS - Paramedic Chase Vehicle
  • ATV - All Terrain Vehicle
  • BT - Boat
  • SW - Swift Water
  • BC - Battalion Chief
  • B - Brush
  • BS - Boat Support
  • CT - Canteen
  • HM - HazMat Unit
  • MAB - Medical Ambulance Bus
  • MCSU - Medical Care Support Unit
  • SU - Support Unit
  • TR - Technical Rescue
  • W - Tanker

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