Montgomeryshire County War Memorial

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The Montgomeryshire County War Memorial stands tribute to commemorate those from Montgomeryshire who have been killed in all past wars. It was originally constructed to honour those having died in the First World War, but has since been rededicated.[1]

Built from Portland stone, the memorial was completed in 1923 and is just over 20 feet tall. This memorial can be reached by taking a footpath opposite the entrance to Montgomery Castle Car Park. The trail continues uphill along a dirt track, eventually leading to a level grassland where the monument can be seen in the distance.

The Memorial's inscription reads "To the glorious memory of the brave men of Montgomeryshire who fell in the great war 1914–1919".

270° panorama at the site of the Montgomeryshire War Memorial, Montgomery, Wales, as seen at dusk on a stormy October evening. Sheep graze on nearby hillsides; small farms and villages are visible all around.

Coordinates: 52°33′13″N 3°09′28″W / 52.55368°N 3.15767°W / 52.55368; -3.15767


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