Monti Dauni

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View of the Monti Dauni.

Monti Dauni (also known as Subappennino Dauno or Monti della Daunia) is a mountain range in southern Italy, constituting the eastern appendix of the Campanian Apennines. They occupy the eastern fringe of Capitanata and the border of Apulia with Molise, taking their name from an ancient Italic tribe, the Dauni.

The mountains and hills are bounded northwards by the Fortore valley, eastwards by the Tavoliere delle Puglie, southwards by the upper Ofanto valley. The chain is formed by sandstone terrains, and is the source of a series of small streams which flow through the Tavoliere into the Adriatic Sea. The highest peak is Monte Cornacchia, at 1,152 metres (3,780 ft).

Historically, the Monti Dauni area has suffered a substantial depopulation in the last decades, due to their relative isolation. They include 21 comuni, all in the province of Foggia, which form two mountain communities (Comunità Montana dei Monti Dauni Settentrionali , with seat at Casalnuovo Monterotaro, and the Comunità Montana dei Monti Dauni Meridionali, at Bovino).

Highest peaks[edit]

Mount Altitude
Monte Cornacchia 1,152 m
Monte Saraceno 1,145 m
Monte Crispignano 1,105 m
Toppo Pescara 1,078 m
Monte Sidone 1,061 m
Monte Vento 1,056 m
Monte Pagliarone 1,030 m
Monte Tre Titoli 1,030 m
Monte San Vito 1,015 m
Monte Stillo 1,010 m

Coordinates: 41°22′00″N 15°09′00″E / 41.366667°N 15.150000°E / 41.366667; 15.150000