Monti Sicani

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Location of the Monti Sicani in Sicily.

The Monti Sicani are a mountain chain in the central-southern Sicily, southern Italy, included between the Agrigento and Palermo. The name also indicates a series of comuni (municipalities) lying in the area.

The territory is characterized by a hilly area, clay and sandstone being the predominant rocks, used for pasture, and a proper mountain area, above 900 m of altitude, with Mesozoic limestone rocks. There are numerous peaks over the 1,000 m, with the Rocca Busambra (1,613 m), Monte delle Rose (1,436 m), Monte Barraù (also called Monte Barracù) (1,420 m) and the Monte Cammarata overcoming 1578 m.

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Coordinates: 37°49′00″N 13°10′00″E / 37.8167°N 13.1667°E / 37.8167; 13.1667