Montia fontana

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Montia fontana
Montia fontana (mezenc, 43, France)2.JPG
Scientific classification edit
Kingdom: Plantae
Clade: Angiosperms
Clade: Eudicots
Order: Caryophyllales
Family: Montiaceae
Genus: Montia
M. fontana
Binomial name
Montia fontana
  • Calandrinia cerrateae Añon
  • Calandrinia pusilla Barnéoud
  • Cameraria fontana Moench
  • Claytonia fontana (L.) R.J.Davis
  • Claytonia hallii A.Gray
  • Claytonia pusilla (Barnéoud) Kuntze
  • Montia alsine-facie Gilib.
  • Montia arvensis Wallr.
  • Montia chaberti Gand.
  • Montia clara Ö. Nilsson
  • Montia decumbens St.-Lag.
  • Montia dipetala Suksd.
  • Montia erecta Steud.
  • Montia funstonii Rydb.
  • Montia hallii (A. Gray) Greene
  • Montia lamprosperma Cham.
  • Montia linearifolia d'Urv.
  • Montia major Steud.
  • Montia pentandra Willd. ex Cham.
  • Montia stenophylla Rydb.
  • Montia tenella Steud.
  • Montia terrestris Dumort.

Montia fontana, commonly known as blinks or water blinks, water chickweed or annual water miner's lettuce, is a herbaceous annual plant of the genus Montia. It is a common plant that can be found in wet environments around the globe, from the tropics to the Arctic. It is quite variable in morphology, taking a variety of forms. It is sometimes aquatic.

Montia fontana is divided into four subspecies, subsp. fontana, subsp. amporitana, subsp. chondrosperma and subsp. variabilis[3][4]


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