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Industry Watchmaking
Founded March 28, 2011
Founder Jean Tarée
Headquarters Amsterdam, Netherlands
Products Wristwatches
MontieK MPTS-01 Tourbillon watch

MontieK is a Dutch watch brand that is specialized in bringing affordable tourbillon watches to the market. The company was founded in 2011 by Jean Tarée and their watches are sold exclusively through their website.

MontieK is known for challenging the status quo and in thinking differently. The way they do so is by bringing together European design, quality standards and procedures with experienced Hong Kong watchmakers. The MontieK watches are crafted in the MontieK atelier located in Hong Kong under supervision of technicians with extensive watch making experience. The MontieK design & marketing team is located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.

MontieK watch movements are manufactured by the Tianjin Sea-Gull company in China.[1]


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