Montjuïc trial

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View inside the Montjuïc Castle
Illustration of the Corpus Christi attack

The Montjuïc trial was a trial of anarchist suspects in the military Montjuïc Castle following the 1896 terrorist attack on the Barcelonean Corpus Christi procession. About 400 suspects were arrested, from whom 87 were put on trial and five executed. Stories of forced confessions through torture led to an 1898–1899 campaign for a judicial review of the trial organized through Alejandro Lerroux and his newspaper El Progreso. Republican support for Lerroux from this action led to his rise as a left-wing force in Barcelona.[1][2]

Anarchist Michele Angiolillo assassinated the Spanish Prime Minister Antonio Cánovas del Castillo in retaliation for his role in the trial and its executions.[3]


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