Montreal Alouettes all-time records and statistics

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The following is a list of Montreal Alouettes all time records and statistics current to the 2016 CFL season.

This list includes the records for the Montreal Concordes (1982 to 1985) but does not include Baltimore CFLers or Stallions records (1994 to 1995).

Grey Cups[edit]

Most Grey Cups Won, Player

Most Grey Cup Appearances, Player

Most Grey Cups Won, Head Coach

Most Grey Cup Appearances, Head Coach


Most Seasons Coached

Most Games Coached

Most Wins

Most Losses


Most Games Played

Most Seasons Played


Most Points – Career

Most Points – Season

Most Points – Game

Most Touchdowns – Career

Most Touchdowns – Season

Most Touchdowns – Game

Most Rushing Touchdowns – Career

Most Rushing Touchdowns – Season

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Career

Most Receiving Touchdowns – Season

Most Interception Return Touchdowns – Career

Most Interception Return Touchdowns – Season


Most Passing Yards – Career

Most Passing Yards – Season

Most Passing Yards – Game

Most Pass Completions – Career

Most Pass Completions – Season

Most Pass Completions – Game

Most Passing Touchdowns – Career

Most Passing Touchdowns – Season

Most Passing Touchdowns – Game

Highest Pass Completion Percentage – Career (Minimum 1000 attempts)

Highest Passing Efficiency Rating – Season


Most Rushing Yards – Career

Most Rushing Yards – Season (including all 1000 yard rushers)

Most Rushing Yards – Game


Most Receiving Yards– Career

Most Receiving Yards – Season

Most Receiving Yards – Game

Most Receptions – Career

Most Receptions – season

Most Receptions – Game


Most Interceptions – Career

Most Interceptions – Season

Most Interceptions – Game

Quarterback Sacks[edit]

Most Sacks – by Season

Most Sacks – Career

Most Sacks – Season

Most Sacks – Game


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