Montreal Blitz

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Montreal Blitz
Logo blitz07 sm.png
Founded 2001
League IWFL (2001-2015)
WFA (2017-present)
Based in Lachine, Quebec
Stadium Dalbé-Viau High School
Colours Red, black, white
President Saadia Ashraf
Head coach Pierre Migner
Championships 4 (2008 & 2010 Tier II; 2012 Tier I; 2013 Founder's Bowl)
Division titles 2 (2004, 2008)

The Montreal Blitz is a women's American football team in the Women's Football Alliance.[1] They are based at Dalbé-Viau High School in the borough of Lachine, in Montreal, Quebec. They are the only Canadian team in a women's American football league.[1] The team won four championships in the Independent Women's Football League, at various levels. Their highest achievement came in 2012 when the beat the Sacramento Sirens 28-27 to become World Champions of the IWFL.[2]

The Blitz were created in 2001. In 2004 Quarterback Saadia Ashraf bought the team from the original owners.[3] In 2015, the management of the team was transferred from Saadia Ashraf to Football Féminin Blitz de Montréal, a non-profit created to run the team.[4] They played in the IWFL until 2016, when they decided to leave the league due to financial and travel constraints.[5]


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