Montreal Clock Tower

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Montreal Clock Tower
Montreal Clock Tower and Jacques Cartier Bridge01.JPG
Coordinates45°30′44.44″N 073°32′44.84″W / 45.5123444°N 73.5457889°W / 45.5123444; -73.5457889Coordinates: 45°30′44.44″N 073°32′44.84″W / 45.5123444°N 73.5457889°W / 45.5123444; -73.5457889
LocationOld Port of Montreal
Height45 metres (148 ft)
Beginning dateOctober 31, 1919
Completion date1922
Dedicated toCanadian sailors who died in World War I

Montreal Clock Tower (Tour de l'Horloge) is located in Quai de l'Horloge, originally called the Victoria Pier, in the Old Port of Montreal in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


Also called The Sailors' Memorial Clock, the cornerstone was laid by the Prince of Wales, on Oct. 31, 1919, with the 45-metre tower completed two years later as a memorial to the Canadian sailors who died in the First World War. The original plans called for the clockworks to be connected to five bells that would chime every hour, but the carillon was never built. The clock was constructed in Croydon, England by the firm of Gillett & Johnston, and its mechanism is similar to the one that drives Big Ben at the Palace of Westminster.[1]

Visitors can make the 192-step climb to take in the view.[2]

Sailors' tribute at the base of the clock tower.

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