Montreal Diocesan Theological College

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Montreal Diocesan Theological College

The Montreal Diocesan Theological College (known as Dio) is the theological seminary of the Anglican Diocese of Montreal, Canada. It offers the Master of Divinity and Diploma in Ministry to candidates for ordination and other students. It also offers a distance education program, the Reading and Tutorial Course in Theology, leading to the Licentiate in Theology.

Andrew Taylor designed the former Montreal Diocesan Theological College building at University Street near Milton Street, 1895-96.[1] In 2008, after many years without ever having more than twelve full-time students, and in order to devote its resources to its educational mission, the college sold its buildings to McGill University, and is now run out of the rooms of the former Principal's Lodge, which are now rented from McGill.

The college is affiliated with the Montreal School of Theology, the McGill University Faculty of Religious Studies and the Université de Montréal.

A World War I memorial window (1935) by Charles William Kelsey depicting Saint Stephen the Martyr was dedicated to Albert Withey of the 24th Canadian Battalion.

Coordinates: 45°30′23″N 73°34′33″W / 45.50629°N 73.57576°W / 45.50629; -73.57576

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