Montreal Royales

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For the International League AAA baseball team, see Montreal Royals. For the hockey team, see Royal Montreal Hockey Club. For other uses, see Montreal Royals (disambiguation).
Montreal Royales
League Canadian Baseball League
Location Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Ballpark none
Year founded 2003
Year folded 2003
League championships 0
Division championships 0
Former name(s) Montreal Royales (2003)
Colours Royal Blue, Red, Gold
Manager Gary Roenicke

The Montreal Royales were one of eight teams in the short-lived Canadian Baseball League (2003 only). The Royales of the CBL, unrelated to the history-making Montreal Royals of 1939–1960, were strictly a road team which never succeeded in obtaining a "home" field in the Montreal area to play, despite several efforts to negotiate one. All nine of their home games were played in neutral cities such as Sherbrooke (Amedée Roy Stadium). The Royales finished their season at the bottom of their division with a 10-22 record.