Montreal Zen Center

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Montreal Zen Center
Montreal Zen Center.jpg
Basic information
Location 824 Park Stanley, Montréal, Québec H2C 1A2
Affiliation Harada-Yasutani
Country Canada
Website /
Completed 1975

Montreal Zen Center (French: Centre Zen de Montréal) is a Sōtō/Rinzai Zen Buddhist sangha located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada in the Harada Tangen/Haku'un Yasutani line . The community offers for members only intensive Zen sesshin retreats, of seven-day, three-day and two-day duration. Introductory workshops are given for the general public, with follow –up and training programs for those wishing to become members. The Montreal Zen Centre was initially established in Montreal in 1975 as an affiliate of the Rochester Zen Center. The Center moved to its current location in 1979. Since 1979 the teacher at the Montreal Zen Center has been Albert Low, who received full transmission from Philip Kapleau in 1986 and became a teacher in his own right. The Centre became fully autonomous in 1986 with Dr. Albert Low as the teacher and director. The Montreal Zen Center currently has over 200 members. The members are directly involved in running the Center.

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