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Montserrat (Eastern Catalan: [munsəˈrat], Western Catalan: [monseˈrat], or Maria Montserrat, after the Virgin of Montserrat, is a popular name for girls in Catalonia and several other parts of Catalan-speaking areas. Indeed, it was the second most common given name for women in Catalonia in 2014, according to the Catalan Statistics Institute.[1]

The name is traditionally abbreviated to Serrat, Rat, Rateta, Tat or Tóna, and more recently, due to foreign influence, also to Monse.[2][3][4][5]

April 27th is the Montserrat name day, traditionally celebrated in Catalan-speaking areas as a birthday would be in the Anglo-Saxon world.

Sometimes this name appears in the Spanish-speaking world as a given name as is, or sometimes translated as Montserrate or Monserrate (where the final "e" is pronounced //).



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