Montserrat women's national football team

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Shirt badge/Association crest
Association Montserrat Football Association
Confederation CONCACAF (North America)
Sub-confederation CFU (Caribbean)
First colours
Second colours
FIFA ranking
Current not ranked

Montserrat women's national football team has not played a single FIFA recognised match, though they were scheduled to before withdrawing from the competition. Montserrat Football Association was created in 1994 and became a FIFA affiliate in 1996.


In 1985, almost no country in the world had a women's national football team,[1] including Montserrat.[2] Between 1985 and April 2012, the team did not play in a single FIFA recognised match.[2] They were supposed to compete in the 2002 Caribbean Qualifying for the CONCACAF Women's Gold Cup. On 30 June, they should have played against the United States Virgin Islands but they withdrew from the tournament.[3] Likewise, they were supposed to compete in the Women's Caribbean Cup 2006. They were supposed to have played St. Kitts and Nevis but withdrew from the tournament.[4] In March 2012, the team was not ranked in the world by FIFA.[5]

Background and development[edit]

The national federation was created in 1994 and became a FIFA affiliate in 1996.[6]


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