Monturaqui crater

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Monturaqui crater
Monturaqui crater
Impact crater/structure
Confidence Confirmed
Diameter 350–370 m (1,150–1,210 ft)
Depth 34 m (112 ft)
Age ~660,000 years
Exposed Yes
Drilled No
Bolide type Iron meteorite
Location Atacama Desert
Coordinates 23°55′41″S 68°15′42″W / 23.92806°S 68.26167°W / -23.92806; -68.26167Coordinates: 23°55′41″S 68°15′42″W / 23.92806°S 68.26167°W / -23.92806; -68.26167
Country  Chile
State Antofagasta Region
Monturaqui crater is located in Chile
Monturaqui crater
Location of the crater in Chile

Monturaqui is a meteorite crater in Chile, discovered by Joaquín Sánchez Rojas in 1962. It is located south of the Salar de Atacama, in the Antofagasta Region. The crater is exposed at the surface,[1] and is 350–370 m (1,150–1,210 ft) in diameter and approximately 34 m (112 ft) deep. The impact that created the crater is estimated to have occurred approximately 660,000 years ago, during the Pleistocene Epoch.


Location of Monturaqui crater