Monument Hill (Colorado)

Coordinates: 39°07′26″N 104°51′53″W / 39.12389°N 104.86472°W / 39.12389; -104.86472
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Monument Hill
Black Forest Divide Pass
Monument Hill (Colorado).JPG
Looking north at the pass.
Elevation7,352 ft (2,241 m)[1]
Traversed by I-25
LocationEl Paso County, Colorado
Coordinates39°07′26″N 104°51′53″W / 39.12389°N 104.86472°W / 39.12389; -104.86472

Monument Hill or Black Forest Divide Pass[1] is a 7,352 feet (2,241 m)[2] elevation mountain pass in the Palmer Divide in central Colorado in the United States. The pass dividing the Arkansas River drainage system to the south and the Platte River drainage system to the north is the high point on I-25 between Denver and Colorado Springs.[3]

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