Monument au Fantôme

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Monument au Fantôme
English: Monument to the Phantom
John Dubuffet's "Monument Au Fantome" sculpture in Houston, Texas's Discovery Green Park. Its title means "Monument to the Phantom" or imaginary city, in French LCCN2015630415.tif
ArtistJean Dubuffet
MediumPainted fiberglass, steel
LocationHouston, Texas, United States
Coordinates29°45′12″N 95°21′30″W / 29.75335°N 95.35838°W / 29.75335; -95.35838Coordinates: 29°45′12″N 95°21′30″W / 29.75335°N 95.35838°W / 29.75335; -95.35838

Monument au Fantôme (English: Monument to the Phantom) is an outdoor sculpture by French sculptor Jean Dubuffet, installed on Avenida de las Americas at Discovery Green in Houston, Texas, United States. The painted fiberglass and steel frame sculpture features seven individual forms that represent features of Houston, including a chimney, church, dog, hedge, mast, phantom, and tree. Donated by the Dan Duncan family, it is part of Dubuffet's Hourloupe series, which has companion sculptures in Chicago, New York, and in Europe.[1]

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