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A Bé d'interès cultural (BIC) is the Andorran name for a National Heritage Site listed by the Andorran heritage register, Patrimoni Cultural.[1]

The term literally means "Property of Cultural Interest", although a better translation could be "Heritage of Cultural Interest", as Andorra now protects not only material heritage, like monuments or movable works of art, but also intangible cultural heritage.


  • Non-movable Andorran heritage is divided into the following classifications:
    • Monument, which as the term monument implies, refers to buildings or other individual constructions such as public art or memorials that have significant cultural value.
    • Conjunt arquitectònic (architectural group or set), grouping of buildings that constitutes a coherent unit, regardless of individual value.
    • Paisatge cultural (cultural landscape), joint work of man and nature with aesthetic, historical or cultural value. E.g. Madriu-Perafita-Claror Valley
    • Zona arqueològica (archaeological area), area with traces of human intervention in the past.
    • Zona paleontològica (paleontological area), area with fossilized remains forming a coherent unit.
  • Movable heritage, such archaeological objects, bibliographic heritage, and large works of art.

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  1. ^ (in Catalan) Law 9/2003, of June 12th, del patrimoni cultural d'Andorra, official bulletin of the government of Andorra.