Monumenta Nipponica

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Monumenta Nipponica  
Discipline Japanese studies
Edited by Mark R. Mullins
Publication details
Publication history
Frequency Semiannual
ISSN 0027-0741 (print)
1880-1390 (web)
JSTOR 00270741

Monumenta Nipponica is a biannual academic journal of Japanese studies, published in English. It is affiliated with Sophia University (Tokyo).[1]


Each issue contains three to four main research articles, and ten to fifteen reviews of recent books in Japanese studies, dealing with Japanese society, culture, history, religion, literature, art, anthropology, and related topics in Japanese and Asian studies.

Back issues of Monumenta Nipponica are accessible through JSTOR. From volume 60 (2005), all issues, including the most recent ones, are accessible through Project MUSE.[1]


The following persons have been editors-in-chief of Monumenta Nipponica:

  • Vols. 1–6 (1938–1943)—J. B. Kraus (founder)
  • Vols. 7–17 (1951–1962)—Wilhelm Schiffer
  • Vol. 18 (1963)—Wilhelm Schiffer, Francis Mathy
  • Vols. 19–23 (1964–1968)—Joseph Pittau
  • Vols. 24–25 (1969–1970)—Edmund R. Skrzypczak
  • Vols. 26–51 (1971–1996)—Michael Cooper
  • Vol. 52 (1997)—Michael Cooper, Kate Wildman Nakai
  • Vol. 53-65:1 (1998–2010)—Kate Wildman Nakai
  • Vol. 65:2-67:2 (2010-2012)—Mark R. Mullins
  • Vol. 68:1-69:2 (2013-2014)—Richard A. Gardner, Caroline Hirasawa
  • Vol. 70:1-70:2 (2015)—Richard A. Gardner, Bettina Gramlich-Oka
  • Vol. 71:1- (2016-present)—Bettina Gramlich-Oka, Sven Saaler


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