Monumento de Diogo Gomes

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Diogo Gomes
Statue of Diogo Gomes, Praia, Cape Verde.
Born c. 1420
Lagos, Kingdom of Portugal
Died c. 1500
Kingdom of Portugal
Nationality Portuguese
Occupation Navigator, explorer, writer

The Monumento de Diogo Gomes or the Diogo Gomes Monument is a monument named after Diogo Gomes, the Portuguese navigator and discoverer of the island of Santiago in 1460. The monument overlooks the harbour of Praia including its nearby buildings and a small island with a historic house. The statue is approximately 15 m over its beach and overlooks the Atlantic Ocean. The statue is over a steel-frame guardrail and is surrounded by a tree to the northeast side.


The statue is approximately 8 m tall. It is mainly a bronze statue and is on top of a marble block divided into and is over a three by three square totaling nine over a small five by five square block and underneath a white block which are surrounded by stone paved surface.


Its nearest landmarks includes the Palácio Presidencial, the Presidential Palace and Quartel Jaime Mota, a former barracks, most of it becoming a museum.