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Monymusk Priory was a house of Augustinian canons based at Monymusk in Mar, Aberdeenshire. Gille Críst, Mormaer of Mar constructed a monastery there in the last decade of the 12th century. There were Céli Dé there, who retained many of their rights. The transformation of the Céli Dé community into an Augustinian priory was complete by 1245 at the latest. Some degree of control of the priory was held by St Andrews Cathedral Priory, and the bishops of St Andrews and Aberdeen. For some time the priory was responsible for the upkeep of Monymusk Reliquary

Control of the priory was secularized and held by a series of commendators in the 16th century, especially by the Forbes family. In 1617 the priory was incorporated into the lands of the bishopric of Dunblane.


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