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Moods Condoms
Moods Condoms logo.JPG
Owner HLL Lifecare Limited
Country India
Introduced 1968
Markets 30 countries

Moods Condoms is a manufacturer of condoms made from natural rubber latex. It is manufactured HLL Lifecare Limited, a Government of India undertaking. HLL was started off in 1966 with the objective of producing condoms for the National Family Planning Program. Moods Condoms came into existence in mid-1968, when HLL Lifecare Limited decided to develop a product to target the premium and upper middle class segment of the urban population in India. HLL today is one of the world's largest manufacturers of condoms. As of December 2012, its annual production totals around 800 million pieces across the globe.[citation needed]

The Moods brand, from the stable of the public sector enterprise (PSE), HLL Lifecare Limited, operates in the premium segment. Moods is present in many overseas markets in nearly 30 countries such as Africa, South America and UAE and is soon to launch in the UK and the US.

History & Its Origin[edit]

Critical to the success of the small family happy family campaign of the Government of India, In 1966, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare set up HLL Lifecare Limited (HLL), and then called Hindustan Latex Limited, in the natural rubber-rich state of Kerala for the production of condoms to support the National Family Planning Programme.

HLL established its first plant at Peroorkada in Trivandrum (now Thiruvananthapuram) in technical collaboration with Okamoto Industries of Japan. The second and third plants were added in 1985 at Trivandrum and Belgaum. Two years later, HLL which had set its sights on the premium-end of the market, developed a brand called Moods.

The first advertising campaign for Moods was popularly known as the Moods Please campaign and it succeeded in making this evocative name synonymous with the product. Export orders from the Middle East followed in 2004 which opened up the international market for this popular brand. Pressed for capacity, HLL commissioned another manufacturing unit at the company’s Peroorkada plant in November 2007, raising its status to amongst the largest condom manufacturing facilities in the world.

In March 2009, the first dedicated Moods retail outlet, Moodsplanet, was inaugurated in Thiruvananthapuram, as a one-stop shop for the entire range of Moods contraceptives.


The logo of the brand OO signifies the bonding between couples. It has diversified into several variants. The range includes close to twenty variants viz. ultrathin, dotted and all night to different flavours; and also scented condoms; glow condoms; XXX condoms with dots and ribs and as Absolute Xtasy, Extra Long, Colored and Skin.

Its first advertising campaign was popularly known as the Moods Please campaign and succeeded in making this evocative name synonymous with the product. Later it came up with different advertising campaigns which include My Man! and Your Time, Your Place, Your Moods!!

Market Growth[edit]

The total condoms market in India in 2008 stood at 1143.90 million pieces (Source: ACNielsen, field study), of which the subsidized segment constituted 54% and the commercial segment the balance 46%. It is the commercial segment that is witnessing high-growth rates. In 2008 alone, it grew by a healthy 21.46%.


With the increase in demand and growth in the industry, today there are many players in the market which offers condoms. Some of them are targeting commercial segments and the rest are targeting subsidized segment.

Different condom brands can be listed as Durex, Kohinoor, Thril, KamaSutra, Manforce, Nirodh, Masti, Zaroor and Ustaad, in which some of them are targeting rural population and some of them are targeting the urban segment of the population.

Brand Awareness Strategy[edit]

Moods over the past has effectively used the TV, print media and outdoor signages, events, sponsorships and public relations as tools for promoting the brand. More recently, the internet has been introduced to touch base with the young, net-savvy audience.[citation needed]

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