Moody (crater)

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Planet Mercury
Coordinates 13°06′S 215°24′W / 13.1°S 215.4°W / -13.1; -215.4Coordinates: 13°06′S 215°24′W / 13.1°S 215.4°W / -13.1; -215.4
Diameter 80 km
Eponym Ronald Moody

Moody is an impact crater on Mercury.

Moody features a central peak or peak-ring structure and an annulus of dark material on its outer floor. The area inward of the dark ring appears reddish in enhanced color WAC images, indicating the presence of material different in composition from that of either the dark material or the crater's immediate surroundings. Dark material has been found associated with other craters on Mercury, including Munch and Poe. Moody is somewhat unusual for having its dark ring confined to the crater floor, rather than forming the crater rim as at Munch and Poe.[1]

The crater was named in November 2008 after sculptor Ronald Moody.[1]


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