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Moody Publishers
Moody Publishers logo.PNG
Parent company Moody Bible Institute
Founded 1894
Founder Dwight L. Moody
Country of origin United States
Headquarters location Chicago, Illinois
Publication types Books
Imprints Lift Every Voice, Northfield
Official website

Moody Publishers is a Christian publishing company that is focused on proclaiming the gospel message through its products. In 1894, it was founded by Dwight L. Moody's vision to provide low-priced, high-quality Christian books for young believers.[citation needed] The company's mission statement is to "educate and edify the Christian and to evangelize the non-Christian by ethically publishing conservative, evangelical Christian literature and other media for all ages around the world; and to help provide resources for Moody Bible Institute in its training of future Christian leaders."[1]

Today Moody Publishers is known for many popular books and authors including Gary Chapman, Jerry B. Jenkins, Tony Evans, Nancy Leigh DeMoss, and John MacArthur. Moody Publishers is the home to two imprints: Northfield Publishing and Lift Every Voice Books, each designed for specific markets.

Moody Publishers (a not-for-profit organization) is a part of the Moody Bible Institute of Chicago. All of the organization's excess revenue is given to fund the paid tuition program for MBI students who come from around the world to study and prepare for full-time Christian service.

Northfield Publishing[edit]

Northfield Publishing was organized in the fall of 1992 to target the general trade market. Certain Christian phraseology and scriptural references are omitted in the books it publishes to avoid reader confusion. The line offers books covering such topics as finances, self-help, and relationships from a contemporary, yet biblical perspective. Leading the Northfield line is a Gary Chapman's The Five Love Languages.

Lift Every Voice[edit]

The second is Lift Every Voice Books (LEVB) is a joint imprint of Moody Publishers and the Institute for Black Family Development.

The LEVB imprint includes popular titles and authors like The Payton Skky and Carmen Browne Series by author Stephanie Perry Moore; A Heart of Devotion, Zora's Cry and the Truth About Love by Tia McCollors; Crossing Jhordan and A Love So Strong by Kendra Norman Bellamy; and Taking Care of Business and What to do When Your Money is Funny by Lee Jenkins; and Vessel of Honor by Melvin Cobb.


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