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Founded 2005
Founder Mikko Nurminen


Antti Ala-Ilkka
Headquarters Espoo, Finland
Key people

Mikko Nurminen (CEO)
Antti Ala-Ilkka (CTO)
Kimmo Pekari (COO)

Juho Koikkalainen (MM)
Products Moogo website builder
Services Website builder, Web hosting
932,000 € (2008)
Number of employees
23 and growing



Moogo was an online website builder, which was designed for users who had little or no prior experience in website design, HTML or computer programming. It is no longer active to unregistered users stating on its website: "Moogo is discontinued and we don't provide websites to new customers anymore. Sorry for any inconveniences."

About Moogo[edit]

The name Moogo originated from the assumption that it didn't stand for anything disconcerting. In addition, the word resonates in any language, is easy to pronounce and has a playful tone to it.

Corporate History[edit]

Moogo's parent company, Ideakone,[1] was established in Helsinki in 2005 by Mikko Nurminen [2] and Antti Ala-Ilkka. Because of their entrepreneurial background in the field of technology, both founders had recognized a need for a simple to use digital communication software. Utilizing the SaaS model, and exploiting the extremely scalable business model and the unsaturated nature of the Finnish market, Ideakone launched their Finnish equivalent of Moogo - aptly branded as Kotisivukone - in 2006.

Kotisivukone quickly established a foothold on the Finnish market and became a feasible option for users who were looking for quick and easy website hosting. The popularity of Kotisivukone grew at a rapid pace due to the advanced technology, which made the production and maintenance of individual websites unprecedentedly easy. The self-service concept and the automated invoicing and background systems created a basis, which permits to profitably serve large groups of customers at a price that is affordable for the end user.

The accelerated growth on the domestic market enabled Ideakone to expand the service onto the international market. And in the spring of 2007, Moogo was launched. The first international market for Moogo was Finland's western neighbor Sweden. This international push continued in 2008, when Moogo's English language version was released.

Since its inception, over 200,000 sites have been created with Moogo. The turnover in 2008 was 932 000 euro,[3] and the expected turnover for 2009 is between 1,3 and 1,4 million €.[4]

In 2011 Ideakone decided to shut down Moogo and no longer offers an option to start a new web site.[5] Moogo keeps current sites accessible until September 2012 and recommends people and companies to use Yola, Weebly or Webs to host their websites in the future.[6]

Awards and Accolades[edit]

  • 2009 Europrix Multimedia Awards Nominee (Content Tools & Interface Design Category) [7]
  • 2009 Europrix Multimedia Awards Winner (Special Award Category - Best Business Potential) [8]


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