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Mooinjer veggey is the Manx for little people, a term used for fairies in Gaelic lore. The equivalent Irish is Muintir Bheaga.

Manx folklore[edit]

In Manx folklore,[1] the mooinjer veggey are small creatures from two to three feet in height, otherwise very like mortals. They wear red caps and green jackets and are most often seen on horseback followed by packs of little hounds of all the colours of the rainbow. They are rather inclined to be mischievous and spiteful.[2]

The phrase is borrowed by the Anglo-Manx dialect to refer to fairies.

Manx language education[edit]

Mooinjer Veggey is the name of a charity on the Isle of Man that operates several Manx language pre-school playgroups and nurseries,[3] with the aim of helping young Manx children to grow up bilingual. The charity also operates a Manx language primary school, Bunscoill Ghaelgagh, at St John's, under contract from the Department of Education.

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