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Original author(s)Tom Dobrowolski
Operating systemLinux, Windows and FreeBSD
TypeText editor Edit this on Wikidata

MoonEdit is a collaborative real-time editor. It supports Linux, Windows and FreeBSD. While it is free for non-commercial use, it is not free software / open source software.

MoonEdit was originally written by Tom Dobrowolski under the name Multi-Editoro.

It supports up to 14 participants simultaneously, with almost full wiki features on the page level. Export of a page to a wiki is rudimentary but possible.[1]

The user of MoonEdit can log into a server, then to a page, and then edit the page in a way similar to a regular text editor or word processor. Depending on the number of editing participants, several cursors are displayed in the text field. The column on the right shows all the participants who are editing the same page at the same time. All participants can see in real-time any changes to the text as well as anyone's cursor movements. There are no restrictions on who can edit what part of the page.

MoonEdit features infinite undo history that can be browsed using time-slider and replay button [2]

Active MoonEdit servers are:

  • - the author's homepage
  • - has a page for the English-language Wikipedia on it

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