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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo
Promotional poster
Hangul달의 연인 - 보보경심 려
Hanja달의戀人 - 步步驚心 麗
Revised RomanizationDar-ui yeon-in - Bobogyeongsim ryeo
McCune–ReischauerTar-ŭi yŏnin - Popokyŏngsim ryŏ
Based onBu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua
Written byJo Yoon-young
Directed byKim Kyu-tae
Country of originSouth Korea
Original language(s)Korean
No. of episodes20 + 2 BTS specials
Executive producer(s)
Producer(s)Baek Choong-hwa
  • Kim Cheon-suk
  • Park Jang-hyuk
  • Lee Sang-su
  • Kim Hyang-suk
  • Lee Hyun-ju
Camera setupSingle-camera
Running time60 minutes
Production company(s)BaramiBunda inc.[a]
GT Entertainment[b]
NBCUniversal International Television
YG Entertainment
BudgetUS$13 million[1]
Original networkSBS TV
Picture format1080i (HDTV)
Audio formatDolby Digital
Original releaseAugust 29 (2016-08-29) –
November 1, 2016 (2016-11-01)
Related showsScarlet Heart
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Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo (Hangul달의 연인 - 보보경심 려; Hanja달의戀人-步步驚心 麗; RRDar-ui yeon-in - Bobogyeongsim ryeo; MRTar-ŭi yŏnin - Popokyŏngsim ryŏ) is a South Korean television series based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. It aired from August 29, 2016 to November 1, 2016 on SBS every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00 (KST) for 20 episodes.[2][3][4][5]

Despite its ensemble cast, extensive publicity and US$13 million production budget, the series received criticisms for its screenplay, direction and performances. It did, however, perform well overseas.[6][7] The drama has reportedly been sold for more than $400,000 per episode to the Chinese broadcasting station YouKu, totaling over $8 million and thus became the most expensive K-drama ever sold.[8]


During a total solar eclipse, a 25-year-old 21st-century woman, Go Ha-jin (Lee Ji-eun), is transported back in time to the Goryeo Dynasty. She wakes up in the year of 941 in the body of Hae Soo, among the many royal princes of the ruling Wang family. She initially falls in love with the gentle and warm-hearted 8th Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha-neul), and later Wang So (Lee Joon-gi), the fearsome 4th Prince who hides his face behind a mask and is given the derogatory label of "wolf dog." As the story develops, Hae Soo finds herself unwittingly caught between the rivalry and politics among the princes over the fight for the throne.




Royal household[edit]

Mother of 3rd Prince Wang Yo, 4th Prince Wang So, and 14th Prince Wang Jung.
Mother of 8th prince Wang Wook and Princess Hwangbo Yeon-hwa.
8th prince Wang Wook's younger sister.
8th prince Wang Wook's wife[9] and Hae Soo's cousin.
Park Soo-kyung's daughter and 10th Prince Wang Eun's wife.[10]


  • Kim Sung-kyun as Choi Ji-mong, the King's astronomer
  • Seohyun as Woo-hee, gisaeng and last Princess of Later Baekje and 13th Prince Baek-ah's lover
  • Jin Ki-joo as Chae-ryung, Hae Soo's maid and friend
  • Sung Dong-il as General Park Soo-kyung, Soon-duk's father and 4th Prince Wang So's right-hand man
  • Park Jung-hak as Wang Sik-ryeom, the King's cousin
  • Woo Hee-jin as Court Lady Oh Soo-yeon, head of the Damiwon Palace, mother-figure to Hae Soo
  • Choi Byung-mo as Park Young-gyu, Woo-hee's uncle and the foreign minister
  • Kim Kang-il as member of Kang family
  • – as Wang Gyu
    10th Prince Wang Eun's maternal grandfather.
  • Jang Seo-hee as Kyeonghwa
    Crown Prince Wang Mu's daughter, 4th Prince Wang So's second wife.
  • Seo Ga-eun as Seol,[11] Hae Soo and Wang So's daughter


Lee Joon-gi, Lee Ji-eun and Kang Ha-neul at the drama's press conference on August 24, 2016

The first script reading took place in January 2016 and filming began on January 27 in Gangwon Province, with some palace scenes shot at Baekje Cultural Complex.[12][13][14][15] Scenes were also recorded at Cheonjuho lake (천주호) in Pocheon and Ondal Tourist Park (온달관광지) in Danyang, North Chungcheong. The traditional hanok scenery of the Nampyeong Moon clan residence in Daegu was also used as a background.[16] Filming ended on July 1, 2016.[17]

Original soundtrack[edit]

Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Original Soundtrack
Soundtrack album by
Various artists
ReleasedOctober 25, 2016
GenreK-pop, soundtrack
LanguageKorean, English
LabelCJ E&M Music, Naym Naym Entertainment
CD 1
1."For You" (너를 위해)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anRocoberry3:17
2."Say Yes"Ji Hoon, LocoRocoberry3:40
3."I Love You, I Remember You" (사랑해 기억해)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anearattack, ObrosI.O.I4:08
4."Forgetting You" (그대를 잊는다는 건)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anRocoberry, Conan, LocoDavichi3:13
5."All With You"Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anSeo Jae-ha, Kim Young-sungTaeyeon3:55
6."Can You Hear My Heart" (내 마음 들리나요)Tablo, Mithra Jin, Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anTablo, DJ Tukutz, Conan, Loco, Rocoberry4:09
7."A Lot Like Love" (사랑인 듯 아닌 듯)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anRocoberry, Conan, LocoBaek A-yeon3:24
8."Confess" (고백합니다)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anHwang Chan-hee, PJSG Wannabe3:41
9."Will Be Back" (꼭 돌아오리)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anRocoberry, Conan, LocoSunhae Im3:27
10."My Love" (내 사랑)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anHwang Chan-hee, Lee Seung-joo, Lee Ra-eumLee Hi3:42
11."Wind" (바람)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anRocoberry, Conan, LocoJung Seung-hwan3:39
12."Be With You"Ji Hoon, Lee Chan-hyukLee Chan-hyuk, RocoberryAkdong Musician3:08
13."Goodbye" (안녕)Ji Hoon, Goo Ji-anAhn Young-minIm Do-hyuk4:28
Total length:47:56
CD 2
1."The Prince"Heo Sang-eun2:03
2."Agonal Howl"Choi Sung-kwon, Son Joo-kwang2:57
3."Haesu"Heo Sang-eun, Park Yeong-ik2:07
4."Wraith"Heo Sang-eun, Choi Sung-kwon2:31
5."One for Me"Kim Ji-soo, Choi Sung-kwon2:42
6."Wing of Goryeo"Kim Ji-sooPark Jin-hee4:33
7."Appassionata"Bae Bo-ram, Heo Sang-eun2:12
8."Vendetta"Park Young-ik1:54
9."Be Your Love"Kim Ji-soo, Heo Sang-eun2:57
10."Gesture of Resistance"Kim Ji-soo4:41
11."Love of Haesu"Park Min-ji, Choi Sung-kwon3:01
12."Pastoral Morning"Heo Sang-eun2:46
13."Great Nebula"Park Joon-soo, Oh Young-sang4:04
14."The Sorrow of Prince"Park Min-ji, Choi Sung-kwon2:29
15."Battle Bobo"Park Joon-soo, Kim Wi-yeon2:28
Total length:43:32

Charted songs[edit]

Chart performance
Title Year Peak chart positions Sales Remarks
"For You"
(Chen, Baekhyun, Xiumin (EXO))
Part 1
"Say Yes"
(Loco, Punch)
Part 2
"I Love You, I Remember You"
Part 3
"Forgetting You"
Part 4
"All With You"
(Taeyeon (Girls' Generation))
Part 5
"Can You Hear My Heart"
(Epik High ft. Lee Hi)
Part 6
"A Lot Like Love"
(Baek A-yeon)
Part 7
"I Confess"
(SG Wannabe)
Part 8
"Will Be Back"
(Sunhae Im)
Part 9
"My Love"
(Lee Hi)
19 Part 10
(Jung Seung-hwan)
49 Part 11
"Be With You"
(Akdong Musician)
20 Part 12
Title Album details Peak chart position Sales
Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo OST 12


  • In this table, the blue numbers represent the lowest ratings and the red numbers represent the highest ratings.
  • NR denotes that the drama did not rank in the top 20 daily programs on that date.
Episode # Original broadcast date Average audience share
TNmS Ratings AGB Nielsen[32]
Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area Nationwide Seoul National Capital Area
Special I August 27, 2016 3.7% (NR) 4.2% (NR) 3.6% (NR) 4.0% (NR)
1 August 29, 2016 7.9% (NR) 9.1% (13th) 7.4% (18th) 8.0% (18th)
2 August 29, 2016 8.9% (18th) 10.0% (10th) 9.3% (12th) 10.4% (11th)
3 August 30, 2016 7.1% (18th) 7.8% (19th) 7.0% (19th) 8.0% (15th)
4 September 5, 2016 6.1% (NR) 6.7% (NR) 5.7% (NR) 6.3% (NR)
5 September 6, 2016 6.2% (NR) 6.8% (NR) 6.0% (NR) 7.3% (18th)
6 September 12, 2016 5.1% (NR) 7.7% (NR) 5.7% (NR) 6.8% (NR)
7 September 13, 2016 5.2% (NR) 6.4% (NR) 5.8% (NR) 6.6% (NR)
Special II September 14, 2016 (NR) (NR) 3.4% (NR) (NR)
8 September 19, 2016 5.3% (NR) 5.8% (NR) 6.9% (NR) 8.6% (13th)
9 September 20, 2016 6.1% (NR) 6.4% (NR) 6.2% (NR) 7.9% (15th)
10 September 26, 2016 6.4% (NR) 7.4% (19th) 7.1% (NR) 8.2% (16th)
11 September 27, 2016 6.5% (20th) 6.7% (19th) 7.5% (19th) 8.5% (15th)
12 October 3, 2016 6.8% (NR) 7.1% (NR) 7.9% (20th) 8.8% (15th)
13 October 4, 2016 7.3% (18th) 7.5% (15th) 8.2% (18th) 9.3% (9th)
14 October 10, 2016 6.5% (NR) 7.2% (NR) 6.8% (NR) 7.5% (19th)
15 October 11, 2016 8.7% (15th) 9.2% (10th) 8.2% (13th) 9.2% (9th)
16 October 18, 2016 5.8% (NR) 6.2% (NR) 5.9% (NR) 6.8% (19th)
17 October 24, 2016 9.9% (11th) 10.6% (6th) 9.8% (8th) 10.6% (6th)
18 October 25, 2016 10.7% (7th) 10.6% (7th) 10.1% (8th) 11.2% (5th)
19 October 31, 2016 9.0% (15th) 10.1% (6th) 9.0% (9th) 9.8% (7th)
20 November 1, 2016 10.8% (5th) 11.8% (5th) 11.3% (5th) 12.2% (4th)
Average 7.32% 8.08% 7.59% 8.63%

Note: Episode 16 didn't air as scheduled (Monday, October 17) due to a baseball game.[33]

Awards and nominations[edit]

Year Award Category Recipient Result Ref.
2016 Korea Brand Awards K-Culture Pride Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo Won [34]
SBS Drama Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Genre & Fantasy Drama Lee Joon-gi Nominated [35][36]
Excellence Award, Actor in a Fantasy Drama Kang Ha-neul Won
Hong Jong-hyun Nominated
Excellence Award, Actress in a Fantasy Drama Kang Han-na Nominated
Special Acting Award, Actor in a Fantasy Drama Kim Sung-kyun Nominated
Special Acting Award, Actress in a Fantasy Drama Seohyun Won
Hallyu Star Award Lee Joon-gi Won
Lee Ji-eun Nominated
Best Couple Award Lee Joon-gi and Lee Ji-eun Won
Top 10 Stars Award Lee Joon-gi Won
New Star Award Byun Baek-hyun Won
Idol Academy Award, Best "Drudge" Lee Ji-eun Won
1st Asia Artist Awards Best Star Award, Actor Kang Ha-neul Nominated [37]
Popularity Award Byun Baekhyun Won [38]
Best Rookie Award Nominated [39]
Nam Joo-hyuk Nominated
Ji Soo Nominated
2017 53rd Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress Kang Han-na Nominated [40][41]

International broadcast[edit]

  • In China, the series aired at the same time as its Korean broadcast on Youku and Mango TV, also, in Hong Kong on LeTV, and on ONE TV ASIA in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia under the title Scarlet Heart.[42][43][44][45] Due to its simultaneous broadcast and extensive publicity campaign, the drama was well received in Singapore and Malaysia, and has 2.5 billion cumulative views on China's biggest video platform, Youku.[46][47]
  • HTV2's official YouTube channel streamed it in Vietnam under the title Người Tình Ánh Trăng from September 30.[48]
  • In Japan, it aired on KNTV starting September 17, 2016 under the title Bright ~Eight Flower Princes (麗<レイ>~花萌ゆる8人の皇子たち~).[49]
  • In greater Los Angeles area, the drama aired on LA 18 KSCI-TV with English subtitles, from September 26 to November 29, 2016.[50]
  • In Thailand, the drama aired in Channel 3's 3 Family, starting October 27, 2016.[51]
  • In the Philippines, the drama was aired by GMA From March 27- June 8, 2017 under the title Scarlet Heart.[52]
  • In Sri Lanka, it is available to stream with English and Sinhalese subtitles via Iflix.[53]
  • In Iran, it aired on GEM TV.[54][55]
  • In Romania, it aired with subtitles on TVR2 from November 29 to December 30, 2017 under the title Iubire sub vraja lunii.[56][57]
  • In Turkey, it aired dubbed on Kanal 7 from July 16 to August 4, 2018 under the title Aşka Yolculuk.[58][59]

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