Moon River (Ontario)

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Photo of the main falls of Moon River Falls where it empties into Woods Bay, Georgian Bay, Lake Huron.
Bala Falls at the head of the Moon River

The Moon River is a river in west central Ontario, Canada, which flows from Bala Bay on Lake Muskoka and empties into Georgian Bay south of Parry Sound.

The section of the Moon River from Bala to Moon Chute and the Musquash River, which splits off from this river at Moon Chute, were officially considered to be a continuation of the Muskoka River until 1968.

The name of the river is thought to be derived from its Ojibwa name moonz-ziibi, which means "moose river".

The Moon River flows from Gaunt Bay which is filled by lake Muskoka.

This area around Moon River is known to be the home of the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake, one of the few rattlesnake species found in Canada.

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Coordinates: 45°06′56″N 79°58′12″W / 45.1156°N 79.9700°W / 45.1156; -79.9700