Moon Warriors

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Moon Warriors
MoonWarriors DVDcover.jpg
DVD cover art
Traditional 戰神傳說
Simplified 战神传说
Mandarin Zhàn Shén Chuán Shuō
Cantonese Zin3 San4 Cyun4 Syut3
Directed by Sammo Hung
Produced by Jessica Chan
Written by Alex Law
Starring Andy Lau
Kenny Bee
Anita Mui
Maggie Cheung
Music by Mark Lui
James Wong
Sherman Chow
Cinematography Arthur Wong
Cheung Man-po
Tam Chi-wai
Edited by Kam Ma
Teamwork Production House Limited
Distributed by Newport Entertainment Ltd (Hong Kong)
Release dates
  • 19 December 1992 (1992-12-19)
Country Hong Kong
Language Cantonese
Box office HK$11,159,986.00

Moon Warriors is a 1992 Hong Kong wuxia film directed by Sammo Hung, written by Alex Law and starring Andy Lau, Kenny Bee, Anita Mui and Maggie Cheung.


Fei is a simple fisherman, who still possesses great sword-fighting prowess. He ends up foiling an assassination attempt against 13th Prince and helping him in an attempt to regain the throne from his evil brother. Yuet and Hsien appear as the prince's wife-to-be and aide, while adding their talents to the film's numerous swordplay sequences. The film ending was also a tragic situation.


  • Andy Lau as Fei
  • Kenny Bee as 13th Prince
  • Anita Mui as Yuet
  • Maggie Cheung as Hsien
  • Kelvin Wong as 14th Prince
  • Chang Yi as Lord Lanling
  • Chin Kar-lok as 13th Prince's bodyguard
  • Heung Lui
  • Tam Wai
  • Ng Biu-chuen
  • Wong Man-kit
  • Lam Wai-kong
  • Sam Mei-yiu
  • Law Yiu-hung
  • Lui Tat
  • Mak Wai-cheung
  • Hsiao Ho
  • Chang Kin-ming
  • Hon Ping
  • Cheung Wing-cheung

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