Mooney Creek, Kansas

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Mooney Creek is an unincorporated rural community in northeastern Jefferson County, Kansas, United States. The first settler was said to be a man named Thomas Mooney, who arrived there not long after the Kansas territory was opened up for settlement in 1854. The following decades saw a large influx of German Catholic immigrants to the area. The first Catholic Church in the area, Corpus Christi, was founded in 1872. The present church was built in 1907 and still stands today.

"One of the best known and most prosperous rural communities in this section of the country is Mooney Creek, a few miles southwest of Potter. It is especially noted as being the seat of a flourishing Catholic congregation, which recently completed a handsome new church edifice at a cost of about $30,000. This church is known as Corpus Christi. The new building was dedicated May 20, 1908, although the congregation has existed for many years. Mooney Creek is a small stream which flows through the northeastern corner of Jefferson County, Kansas, and empties into Crooked Creek in Atchison County. It was named for a man by the name of Mooney who settled on its banks in 1854. He married Mollie Cross, a daughter of one of the early settlers of that locality, and died a few years later. In the fall of 1854, Henry Zen, who had been the first settler on the present site of Valley Falls, Kansas, came to live with Mooney. The country about Valley Falls, when Zen came there, belonged to Indians, and he settled on their lands without permission. He was never molested by the Indians, but a white man, claiming to be the Indian agent, appeared and ordered him to vacate. Accordingly, he moved over close to what is now the Atchison County line and made his home with Mooney for some time. Zen had visited this section as early as 1852, having been one of a party of mechanics who accompanied Major Ogden to Fort Riley that year. Mooney had also been pioneer…" The rest of the article is missing. An article from the Potter Newspaper, Potter, KS - November 4, 1909

Mooney Creek is part of the Topeka, Kansas Metropolitan Statistical Area.

Coordinates: 39°23′25″N 95°13′02″W / 39.39028°N 95.21722°W / 39.39028; -95.21722