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Moonga Logo.png
The logo of Moonga with the mention Trading Card Game
Developer(s) EverdreamSoft SA
Publisher(s) EverdreamSoft SA
Platform(s) Web & Mobile (iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad, Android, Facebook)
Release date(s) January 2010
    Genre(s) Online TCG

    Moonga is an online trading card game that is compatible with iOS and Android operating systems. Moonga was created by EverdreamSoft SA and released in January 2010. The game takes place in the fictional world of Moonga. In December 2012, the second edition of the game, "Revolt", was released.


    Moonga cards are divided into two categories: attack spells and support spells. Attack spell cards are used to damage the opponent or to protect against damage. Support spell cards are used to cause various other effects.

    Each card has an assigned value and a level of rarity. These determine the characteristics and abilities of the card.

    The elements of the cards are: earth, water, fire, ice, ether, light, and darkness.

    The rarities of the cards are: common (white logo), uncommon (red logo), rare (green logo) and mythical (gold logo).


    The game has two players who play against each other using a five-card deck. Four attack spell cards are visible and one support card is face down. Players start each game with a set number of life points. During each round, players can use an attack spell to damage their opponent. Players also have the choice of activating a support spell. Power points may be used to increase attacking power.

    To win the game, a player needs to inflict more damage upon their opponent than they have received. This causes their opponent to lose their life points and the game.

    The purpose of the game is to finish the 4 rounds of the game with more points than your opponent.


    Moonga cards are based on a core set that can be expanded with four extensions. The first core set was called Renaissance. The Revolt series began with another extension.


    • 'Densara'—released February 2011
    • 'DursTor'—released January 2012
    • 'Lymronia'—released July 2012
    • 'Lanna'—Revolt released December 2012


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