Moonie River

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Moonie River at Nindigully
Country Australia
States Queensland, New South Wales
Regions Southern Downs, Orana
Part of Barwon River catchment,
Murray–Darling basin
Source Braemar State Forest,
 - location near Tara, Queensland
 - elevation 347 m (1,138 ft)
 - coordinates 27°19′59″S 150°43′32″E / 27.33306°S 150.72556°E / -27.33306; 150.72556
Mouth confluence with the Barwon River
 - location near Mogi Mogi, New South Wales
 - elevation 149 m (489 ft)
 - coordinates 29°18′46″S 148°42′43″E / 29.31278°S 148.71194°E / -29.31278; 148.71194Coordinates: 29°18′46″S 148°42′43″E / 29.31278°S 148.71194°E / -29.31278; 148.71194
Length 542 km (337 mi)
Basin 14,812 km2 (5,719 sq mi)
 - average 6 m3/s (212 cu ft/s)
Reservoir Thallon Weir
Location of the Moonie River mouth
in New South Wales

The Moonie River, a perennial river of the Barwon catchment within the Murray–Darling basin, is located in the Southern Downs district of Queensland and Orana district of New South Wales, Australia.

Course and features[edit]

The rivers rises south west of Dalby, near Braemar State Forest, south-east of Tara in Queensland, and flows generally to the south-west, joined by thirteen minor tributaries, before reaching its confluence with the Barwon River, near the village of Mogi Mogi in New South Wales; descending 198 metres (650 ft) over its 542-kilometre (337 mi) course.[1] The catchment area has no major towns and is extremely flat.[2] The Moonie River is impounded by Thallon Weir, with a capacity of 185 megalitres (6.5×10^6 cu ft).[2]

The river flows through the towns of the Nindigully, Flinton and just to the west of Thallon. Both the Moonie Highway and Carnarvon Highway cross the river.

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