Moonlight in Vermont (song)

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"Moonlight in Vermont" is a popular song about the U.S. state of Vermont, written by John Blackburn (lyrics) and Karl Suessdorf (music) and published in 1944.[1] It was introduced by Margaret Whiting in a 1944 recording.[1]


The lyrics are unusual in that they do not rhyme.[1] John Blackburn, the lyricist, has been quoted as saying, "After completing the first 12 bars of the lyric, I realized there was no rhyme and then said to Karl, 'Let’s follow the pattern of no rhyme throughout the song. It seemed right.'"[2] The lyrics are also unconventional in that each verse (not counting the bridge) is a haiku.[1]

The song is considered an unofficial state song of Vermont and is frequently played as the first dance song at Vermont wedding receptions.[3]

Recorded versions[edit]

"Moonlight in Vermont" has been covered by numerous other artists over the years:


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