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Moonstalker VHS.jpg
VHS artwork
Directed by Michael O'Rourke
Produced by
Written by Michael O'Rourke
Ernest Abernathy
Music by Douglas Pipes
Cinematography Michael Goi
Edited by Colin Hobson
Distributed by
American Cinema Marketing
  • Complete Entertainment Inc.
Release date
  • 1989 (1989)
Running time
92 minutes
Country United States
Language English

Moonstalker is a 1989[1] American independent slasher film film written and directed by Michael O'Rourke and starring Ernest Abernathy, Blake Gibbons, John Marzilli, and Kelly Mullis. Its plot follows a group of campers near Reno, Nevada who are stalked by a murderous maniac.[2]


A family's mountain vacation near Reno, Nevada interrupted by the arrival of a disheveled man hauling a trailer behind an ancient Cadillac. Pop, as he calls himself, tells the family a tall tale about the son he lost to illness. The family feels sorry for him and befriends him . . . not knowing the danger that is soon to come to them. In reality, his son Bernie is crazy, deranged and dangerous and kept straight-jacketed and chained up in Pop's trailer. Pop lets Bernie out only to stalk and harm campers while Pop helps himself to their belongings.

Not far away, a group of young people are preparing for two weeks of wilderness training. The camp is run by Regis, and his crazy girlfriend, Marcie, who tells them that P.J., a new camper has disappeared. We find out that the P.J., is dead.

Meanwhile, the police are trying to piece together what happened to the tourist family when an old cop, Taylor, shows up. He recognizes Pop, remembering how Bernie went on a murderous rampage years ago. Unable to convince the others, he heads for the wilderness camp on his own. By the time he arrives, it is too late. Bernie has already done his dirty work. As Taylor hunts for Bernie, it is a heart-stopping and frightening game of kill or be killed.


  • Blake Gibbons as Bernie
  • John Marzilli as Regis
  • Ernest Abernathy as Harry
  • Kelly Mullis as Tracy
  • Ingrid Vold as Marcie
  • Ann McFadden as Vicky
  • Joe Balogh as Ron
  • Neil Kinsella as Taylor
  • Ken Hanes as P.J.
  • Pamela Ross as Sophie
  • Larry Coven as Paramedic
  • Carl Solomon as Paramedic
  • Michael Capellupo as Boy
  • Jill Foors as Debbie
  • Sioux-z Jessup as Jane
  • Ron K. Collie as Mikey
  • Sam Williams as Female Deputy
  • Mark Archuleta as Driving Paramedic / Photographer



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