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Moor or Moors may refer to:

Nature and ecology[edit]

  • Moorland, a habitat characterized by low-growing vegetation and acidic soils.

Ethnic and religious groups[edit]

  • Moors, Muslim inhabitants of the Maghreb, Iberian Peninsula, Sicily, and Malta during the Middle Ages
  • Moors, a variant name for Melungeon (tri-racial isolate groups) in colonial North America
  • Moorish Orthodox Church of America, a syncretic, non-exclusive, and religious anarchist movement
  • Moorish Science Temple of America, an African-American Muslim religious group
  • Mouros da Terra, native or half-native coastal Muslims in south India such as Mappila (Mouros Malabares/Moors Mopulars)
  • Sri Lankan Moor, a minority Muslim group in Sri Lanka
  • United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, an American religious group founded and led by Dwight York, which includes (among others) Yamassee Native American Moors of the Creek Nation

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