Moorak, South Australia

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South Australia
Moorak is located in South Australia
Coordinates37°51′49″S 140°44′18″E / 37.8635°S 140.7382°E / -37.8635; 140.7382Coordinates: 37°51′49″S 140°44′18″E / 37.8635°S 140.7382°E / -37.8635; 140.7382
Population1,226 (2016 census)[1]
LGA(s)District Council of Grant[2]
RegionLimestone Coast[3]
State electorate(s)Mount Gambier [4]
Federal Division(s)Barker[5]
Mean max temp[6] Mean min temp[6] Annual rainfall[6]
19.0 °C
66 °F
8.2 °C
47 °F
708.4 mm
27.9 in
Localities around Moorak:
Burrungule Compton
Mount Gambier
Mount Gambier
Kongorong Moorak OB Flat
Kongorong Mount Schank OB Flat
FootnotesAdjoining localities[2]

Moorak is a locality in the Australian state of South Australia located in the state's Limestone Coast region.[2]

The name Moorak may be a native word for "Mountain", but not from the local tribe, according to Doctor Browne who was an early landowner.[7]

The 2016 Australian census which was conducted in August 2016 reports that Moorak had a population of 1226 people.[1]

Moorak is located within the federal division of Barker, the state electoral district of Mount Gambier and the local government area of the District Council of Grant.[5][4][2]


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