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Moore Reserve is a 14.2 hectare park surrounded by the Sydney suburbs of Oatley, Mortdale and Hurstville Grove. It is the second largest public space in the Municipality of Kogarah.

Moore Reserve was created in the 1960s by infilling with mud dredged from Oatley Bay. At the time the existing natural waterway, Renown Creek, was destroyed and ultimately replaced by concrete pipes.

An artificial wetland was constructed in 2001 which uses natural processes to treat 95% of all stormwater runoff from the 125 hectare catchment before it enters Oatley Bay.


Moore Reserve has the following features:

  • The reserve has a large parking area.
  • There are large open fields that accommodate for a variety of sporting activities.
  • There is an outdoor fitness play set.
  • There is a long path that circumnavigates the whole park.
  • There are a couple of different sized swing sets, climbing equipment and other children’s play sets, lots of grass and tall trees, picnic tables and BBQ facilities.
  • Lovely views of Oatley Bay, especially from the designated viewing platform.
  • Waterfront access to Oatley Bay, including a boat ramp, jetty and small beach.
  • Lots of room to run around.


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