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MYS architects is one of the largest and more influential architecture firms in Tel Aviv and Israel in general. It was founded in 1965 by Avraham Yaski, and has been involved in some of the most high-profile skyscraper projects in the country, such as the Azrieli Center, YOO Towers and Tzameret Towers.[1]

The firm[edit]

MYS architects is a result of the fusion of the Yaski-Sivan Architects firm, conducted by Yossi Sivan and Avraham Yaski, and the Moore Architects firm, conducted by Moore Yitschak and Moore Amihud, taking place in 2006. To date (2011), M-Y-S Architects is the largest architecture firm in Israel, employing around 100 professional employees.


Azrieli Center
YOO Towers
Ramat-Aviv Mall
Matcal Tower

MYS Architects' portfolio is highly diversified, comprising residential and office skyscraper, malls, medical centers, hotels and urban design, with projects undertaken in countries all over the world, such as England, Greece, Cyprus, Vietnam, India, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Ukraine, Russia, Albania, Bosnia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Georgia, Hungary, Kazakhstan and Montenegro.

MYS architects has been involved in the following projects:

Name City
Manhattan Tower Tel Aviv
Opera Tower Tel Aviv
Tzameret Towers Tel Aviv
YOO Towers Tel Aviv
Mix Development
Name City
Azrieli Center Tel Aviv
Ramat-Aviv Mall Tel Aviv
Rubinstein Tower Tel Aviv
The Twin Towers Ramat Gan

Name City
Africa-Israel Tower Tel Aviv
Alrov Tower Tel Aviv
Bank Discount Tower Tel Aviv
BSR Towers Bnei Brak/Ramat Gan
Elco Tower Tel Aviv
Matcal Tower Tel Aviv
Opera Tower Tel Aviv
Platinum Tower Tel Aviv
Name City
Police Headquarters Tel Aviv
Smolarz Auditorium, Tel Aviv University Tel Aviv
Name City
Assuta Hospital Tel Aviv
Beit Halohem Tel Aviv
Hertzfeld Geriatric Hospital Gedera
Levinstain Hospital Ra'anana
Shalvata Mental Health Center Hod Hasharon


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