Bökingharde North Frisian

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Bökingharde Frisian
Böökinghiirder frasch
Bilingual town sign (German-Mooring) in Niebüll
Native toGermany
RegionBökingharde, Nordfriesland
  • East Mooring
  • West Mooring
Language codes
ISO 639-3
North Frisian dialects

Bökingharde Frisian (Böökinghiirder frasch) is a dialect of the North Frisian language spoken in Niebüll and the amt of Bökingharde in the German region of North Frisia. The dialect forms part of the mainland group of North Frisian dialects.[3]

The Mooring subdialects are spoken in the Risum Bog (Risem Moor or Risem Måår). Mooring is often used as a North Frisian lingua franca, especially on the internet, and there is a Mooring Frisian primary school in Risum-Lindholm.


letter(s) value(s) in IPA notes
a a
ai ai
au au
ä ɛ
ää ɛː
äi ɛi
å ʌ
åå ʌː
b b
ch x
d d
dj /dj/, [ɟ]
e ɛ, ə Schwa when unstressed.
f f
g ɡ, w, j "g" is /w/ or /j/ or dropped between vowels
h h
i i, ɪ
j j
k k
l l
lj /lj/, [ʎ]
m m
n n
ng ŋ
nj /nj/, [ɲ]
o ɔ
oo ɔː
ou ɔu
ö œ
öi œi
öö œː
p p
r ʀ
s s, z "s" is always /s/ in initial position, /z/ between vowels
sch ʃ
t t
tj /tj/, [c]
u ʊ
ü ʏ
w v


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