Moorstown Castle

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Moorstown Castle
Moorstown Castle March 2011.JPG
Moorstown Castle, 2011.
Location 6 miles (10 km) west of Clonmel, County Tipperary, Ireland
Coordinates 52°23′20″N 7°49′50″W / 52.38889°N 7.83056°W / 52.38889; -7.83056Coordinates: 52°23′20″N 7°49′50″W / 52.38889°N 7.83056°W / 52.38889; -7.83056
Built 15th century
Moorstown Castle is located in Ireland
Moorstown Castle
Location of Moorstown Castle in Ireland

Moorstown Castle is a late 15th-century stone structure consisting of a circular keep and walled courtyard or bawn. The circular tower house is unusual in Irish architecture, most tower houses being square. It was built by James Keating, an ally of the Earl of Ormond. The castle and associated lands passed to Robert Cox in 1635 and by marriage to the Greene family. It was bought by Richard Grubb through the Landed Estates Court in 1855. The property remains in private ownership.[1]

It is thought that the 17th-century Catholic priest, poet and historian Geoffrey Keating had family connections with the castle.[2] Evidence suggests that he may have been the third son of James FitzEdmund Keating of Moorstown.[3]

Moorstown Castle was one of the Tipperary locations used in Stanley Kubrick's 1975 epic film Barry Lyndon.[4]

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