Moose River Gold Mines, Nova Scotia

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Moose River Gold Mines is a Canadian rural community located in Nova Scotia's Halifax Regional Municipality.

Moose River Gold Mines is located at the junction of Moose River Road & Mooseland Road.

Moose River Gold Mines, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Moose River Gold Mines, Nova Scotia
Moose River Gold Mines in Nova Scotia

During the late 19th century and early 20th century, there was a gold mine in the community, from which it got its name.

J. Allister Bowman, district plant superintendent, Maritime Tel & Tel, using earphones to listen for entombed men

On April 12, 1936 the roof of the mine collapsed, trapping three men, Herman Magill, Dr. David Robertson and Alfred Scadding,[1] 150 feet down for 11 days. The men were reached by drilling a borehole on the sixth day to bring food, water and a telephone till the rescue was completed. Robertson and Scadding survived and Magill died on the seventh day. The event was broadcast by J. Frank Willis of the Canadian Radio Broadcasting Commission (CRBC) to over 650 radio stations throughout North America, and was picked up by the BBC and broadcast to Europe.[2]

Today, there is a park with a cairn and there was a plaque where the borehole was drilled, and there is a museum portraying the history of the gold mine. The plaque was stolen sometime before June 28, 2006. It has yet to be recovered.


No numbered highways run through Moose River Gold Mines.

Destination Distance (km) Distance (mi) Highways Notes
Middle Musquodoboit, Nova Scotia[3] 24.4 15.2 Moose River Rd, Route 224
Sheet Harbour, Nova Scotia 57.8 35.9 Mooseland Rd, Trunk 7
Dartmouth, Nova Scotia 92.8 57.7 Moose River Rd, Route 224 / Route 357 / Route 212 / Hwy 102 / Hwy 118



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