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Moose Milk is a traditional Canadian alcoholic mixed drink with roots in the historic celebratory events of the Canadian Armed Forces. It is also served at the Levée, a New Year's Day celebration held all levels of the Canadian governmental administrations to honour the member of the armed forces, from the federal level to municipalities.[1][2]

The Royal Canadian Navy, Royal Canadian Air Force, and Canadian Army all claim as the originator of the drink.[1][2][3] Events or parties held in the Royal Canadian Navy serving Moose Milk, are known as "Moosers".[4]


Moose milk is composed of five different classes of ingredients:[5][6][7]

Egg yolks are sometimes used directly or indirectly through egg nog or ice cream to prevent separation of the drink.[7]

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  • Caribou: A mix of red wine, maple syrup, and Canadian whisky. Similar roots to Moose Milk.


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