Moosehead Grand Prix

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Moosehead Grand Prix
AIS, British F2, IMSA GT
Location Citadel Hill (Fort George), Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
44°38′56″N 63°34′48″W / 44.64889°N 63.58000°W / 44.64889; -63.58000Coordinates: 44°38′56″N 63°34′48″W / 44.64889°N 63.58000°W / 44.64889; -63.58000
Corporate sponsor Moosehead Breweries
First race 1990
Last race 1995
Circuit information
Surface Asphalt
Length 1.15 mi (1.85 km)
Turns 8

The Moosehead Grand Prix was an annual auto race held in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The race took place on a 1.15 mile (1.851 km) street circuit next to Citadel Hill from 1990 until 1993. The race moved to a 1.45 mile (2.333 km) circuit on the runways of Canadian Forces Base Shearwater for 1994 and 1995.[1]


Following the success of the Labatt sponsored Canadian Grand Prix in Montreal, the Molson sponsored IndyCar races in Toronto and Vancouver and the Grand Prix of Trois-Rivières, Moosehead Breweries wanted a high profile city street race in Atlantic Canada to promote their brand.

The Moosehead Grand Prix was launched in 1990 with an American Indycar Series race on the streets next to Citadel Hill in downtown Halifax attracting 30,000 fans the first year. The American IndyCar Series was replaced with the British Formula 2 Championship as the headliner in 1993 and 1994, with the IMSA GT Championship headlining the final year in 1995.[2]

Other support series races included the Player’s Toyota Atlantic Championship, Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup, Player’s GM Motorsport Series and the Canadian Formula Ford Championship.


American Indycar Series[edit]

Year Date Driver
1990 Aug 10 United States Bill Tempero [3]
1991 Sept 15 United States Jimmy Santos [4]
1992 Sept 13 United States Ken Petrie [5]

British F2 Championship[edit]

Season Date Laps Winning Driver Team Chassis/Engine
1993 July 11 70 Italy Andrea Montermini Junior Team Reynard 91D-Cosworth [6]
1994 July 10 60 Mexico Gianfranco Cane Fred Goddard Racing Reynard 90D-Cosworth [7]

IMSA Exxon World Sports Car Championship and Supreme GT Series[edit]

Year Date Laps WSC Winning Team GTS-1 Winning Team GTS-2 Winning Team
WSC Winning Drivers GTS-1 Winning Drivers GTS-2 Winning Drivers
1995 May 21 158 Laps United States #3 Scandia Racing Team
Ferrari 333 SP
United States #75 Cunningham Racing
Nissan 300ZX V8
Costa Rica #55 Jorge Trejos
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR
Spain Fermín Vélez
Italy Mauro Baldi
United States Johnny O'Connell Costa Rica Jorge Trejos
United States Danny Aase

Player's Toyota Atlantic Championship[edit]

Year Date Laps Driver Car
1993 July 11 60 Canada Trevor Seibert Swift DB-4/Toyota [9]

Rothmans Porsche Turbo Cup[edit]

Year Date Laps Driver Car
1990 Oct 7 19 Canada David Tennyson Porsche 944 Turbo Cup [10]

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