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The Moosewood Cookbook
Moosewood Cookbook 1e cover.jpg
Cover of first trade edition after the initial 1974 self-published First Edition issued by Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca.
AuthorMollie Katzen
CountryUnited States
SubjectVegetarian cooking
PublisherTen Speed Press
Publication date
1977 (2ed 1992, 2ed revised 2000)
Media typebook
ISBN0-913668-69-9 (1ed, hardcover), 1580081304 (2ed rev. softcover)
641.5/636 19
LC ClassTX837 .K2593 1977
Followed byThe Enchanted Broccoli Forest 

The Moosewood Cookbook (1977) is a vegetarian cookbook by Mollie Katzen that was published by Ten Speed Press. It is a revised version of a 1974 self-published cookbook by members of the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York.


Self-published original[edit]

In 1974, members of the original Moosewood staff self- published a spiral bound paper-covered vegetarian cookbook, with "The Moosewood Cookbook Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant in the Dewitt Mall, Ithaca, New York" on the title page. Page three contains a list of its creators: "Design, Editing, Hand-writing, Pen-and-ink illustrations Mollie Katzen Feedback digestion, Critical Analysis, Introduction & History Nancy McCauley Cover Drawing Judith M. Barringer Onion Photogram Kathy Morris Frontispiece: charcoal drawing Meredith (Mimi) Barchat Photographs Phyllis Boudreau Photographic Montage Phyllis Boudreau Susan B. Lent.”[1] In addition, the Postward on page 79 states:"we have only presented our original recipes in this book," and offers a list of cookbooks that served as "our sources of inspiration," including Diet for a Small Planet, Ten Talents, The Vegetarian Epicure, and The Joy of Cooking.[1]

Mainstream publication[edit]

In 1977, Ten Speed Press in California published a revised version of the 1974 self-published original, with "The Moosewood Cookbook Recipes from Moosewood Restaurant Ithaca, New York Compiled, Edited, Illustrated and Hand-Lettered by Mollie Katzen" on the title page.[2] Page five lists additional contributors: "Frontspiece: Charcoal Drawing by Meridith Barchat Photographs by J.M. Barringer Cover Design by Meridith Barchat and Mollie Katzen."[2] This page also contains a list of 37 names (including Katzen) introduced as: "The Moosewood People who have created the Moosewood Restaurant in Ithaca, New York from which this book has sprung."[2]

The Moosewood Cookbook became a highly influential vegetarian cookbook,[3] with four editions (1977, 1992, 2000, 2014).[4]

Moosewood Restaurant


In 2018, New York Magazine named it to their list of best vegan and vegetarian cookbooks, saying "no chef cooking vegetables can afford not to read (it)."[5]

In 2007, it won the Cookbook Hall of Fame, James Beard Foundation Awards.[6]



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