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Moot may refer to:

  • Mootness, in American law: a point where further proceedings have lost practical significance, whereas in British law, mootness means that the issue remains debatable
  • Moot court, an activity in many law schools where participants take part in simulated court proceedings
  • moot, the pseudonym for Christopher Poole (born c. 1988), founder of the anonymous imageboard

See also[edit]

  • Meeting (Old English (Anglo-Saxon): Moot)
    • Folkmoot
    • Jamtamót, the old assembly of Jämtland
    • Witenagemot, the High Council of Anglo-Saxon England
    • Moot hall, a meeting or assembly building, traditionally to decide local issues
    • Moot hill, a hill or mound historically used as an assembly or meeting place
    • World Scout Moot, a gathering of older Scouts, mainly Rover Scouts, ages 18–26 from all over the world
    • Entmoot, a gathering of Ents in The Lord of the Rings
    • MoodleMoot, a gathering or conference relating to the Moodle Learning Management System