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Jump to: navigation, search is the name of a Chinese bulletin board system (BBS). Though popular in China, it has been cited as a source of controversy.

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Website Simplified Chinese

MOP ( is one of the most well known and influential simplified Chinese entertainment forums currently online. The site was created in October 1997.[1] There are 28.685 million individual users on MOP, ranking it the 2nd the most popular website in the Chinese BBS network, following only[2] The website has been called 猫扑大客栈(Mop Station)、猫扑大星球(Mop Planet), but then changed back to 猫扑 (Mop).


Mop was created by Zhe Tian, who goes by the nickname Mop. However, he left the management department after several big changes to the website in 2002. The people who are in charge of Mop now include 大熊, 吾爱汝至, and 厕所之狼.

Mop was originally created for console games such as PS3 and Xbox, until someone in the forum posted a thread about PC games. After this, PC games started to be part of Mop along with TV games.

The forum continued to receive some suggestive feedback and gain a more positive reputation. Many popular and technical threads were posted during that period, which saw the creation of numerous internet slang expressions, such as BT (spirit of helping people selflessly), YY (dream about things that will not happen), 874 (slap in the face), 253 (admire), 110 (police), 233 (laughing out loud), Orz (a figure of a person kneeling down facing left), etc.

December 28, 2005, announced officially to merge with Donews.[3]

Exposure of Internet Regulation Operation[edit]

In January 5, 2009, Mop's section "Beautiful Ladies" was reported to China Internet Illegal Information Reporting Centre.[4] Also in January 8, 2009, Mop was listed as "Websites needed to be continually censored" by the government.[5]


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