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mopay Inc.
Industry Telecommunications
Mobile communications
Founded 2000 (as MindMatics)
Headquarters Palo Alto, California, United States
Products Electronic payments
Mobile Payments
Number of employees
Parent MindMatics AG

mopay is an internationally leading mobile payment platform[1] represented in the USA by mopay Inc. mopay and mopay Inc. are registered trademarks of MindMatics Group, a Germany-based mobile marketing expert.


The brand mopay was first registered in Germany in 2003 by MindMatics AG. Offering a single payments interface between online merchants and their respective end-customers, mopay from the very beginning was designed as international mobile payment platform.

In 2009 mopay became the central product of the mobile payment division of MindMatics Group. In early 2010 mopay Inc. was founded as the North American branch of mopay.[2]


The international mobile payment platform mopay is addressing vendors of virtual goods and digital goods. It offers a fast and easy billing option for small online purchases through mobile operators accounts. mopay opens up a unique new customer base: unbanked and underbanked individuals who do not have access to credit cards or bank accounts.

By utilizing mobile devices mopay is the most widespread payment option available worldwide.[3][4] Although mobile payment methods in general still have higher transaction costs than other electronic payments recent studies show that conversion rates improve dramatically with mobile payments.[5]

mopay connects to mobile operators in over 80 countries and thus has a technical reach of 4.3 billion people.[6]

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